1. Disclosure’s 90’s vibe reminds me of Robyn S. “Show Me Love,” their tracks are so nostalgic. Hope they really blowup!

    1. I love Disclosure! I am looking forward to the album dropping. Latch will forever be my favorite song though. YES it does remind me of Robyn. I loved that song but I love her most recent work more. “Dancing on my Own” is a huge hit.

      1. Ha! I got my Robin’s confused! It’s cause the other Robin has a song by the same title. Definitely more Robin S than Robin. Thank you! Do check out Latch though. You won’t be let down.

      2. 1993 track inspired Robyn love here swedish music too, i used to play with my toys to the original as a child. Love latch too, track is amazing!

      1. Thanks so much! I just put my heart into it. I didn’t believe it told a story tell i named them, I think track 6 medicated when things feel into place. Because it took 10 months to finally get on medication (rebif), made life better after 2 years…

      2. Thank you! Really happy you like it, some people probably wouldn’t understand it…

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