1. Yes! If there is one album everyone should know it’s JMSN’s Priscilla. I know this album forwards and backwards. I honestly became like obsessed with it. I bought the album and the vinyl. Almost everything he’s released thus far is amazing (to me).

      1. Word! Thats really dope, got the slim k edit and waited will it was free, haha. Where to do find all the dope material your site. Playlist is pretty amazing, and all around incorporates alot of genres.

      2. I’m a jukebox. I love music and so many different genres. I’m on blogs a lot and follow artists on fb so that’s how I get all the variety. I love hip hop/rap the most but all other genres are second. Not a big country or heavy metal fan so I draw the like there. Haha!

      3. Ohhh i see! For my site I have so many bookmarks, built a really cool niche of different info to post when im free…

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