Submission Monday: White Blush


White Blush, alias Carol Rhyu, is an LA artist who actually emailed me her work and asked to take a listen. She described her work as “a bit dark and dreamy”. Her words are correct. Carol has an eerie open sound that exudes the dreamy sound she describes. There are synths and components to her music that makes you want to listen to her short 5 song EP a few times over (which is free here..) She also highly recommended ‘Jolene’ and ‘Mirror’. Jolene is definitely one of my favorites. It’s so airy and whimsical. Her voice fits perfectly with the atmospheric sound she has perfected. She could honestly be reciting a Mother Goose rhyme and it wouldn’t matter. Her voice is an instrument that makes the music mesh.

In her old tiny apartment, she remembers anxiously recording in different rooms without doors and the paranoia of being heard between the walls or small cracks in the floor, “It always felt like someone was coming, but when no one came, this sort of devastating absence filled the room instead.”

The record is very much about this absence as well as a particular nostalgia for that which is always slipping away into the past. Buried in the unconscious layers of these recordings, however, Carol was able to evoke both a sense of intimacy and despair through these gorgeous, minimalist arrangements.

‘Mirror’ is a more fast paced record BUT she left us with a little gem as the chorus! Lana’s Video Games plays a part and sounds beautiful. The musicality of this song is nice as the beginning reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Little Dreamer’ for a quick second then takes a life of its own. The beauty of this is the wisp of her voice that trails along like a dandelion in bloom (yes I went there). ‘Juice of My Heart’ is probably the darkest of the tunes in my opinion. It sounds like it should belong in a movie. As a matter of fact, it could have easily been on the “Drive” soundtrack. The backdrop to this song is so perfect to a chilly night drive and just listening to music at a high volume. This is one of my other favorites. All in all White Blush is a beautiful treat I’m happy about receiving. Check her out if you’d like.

Website: White Blush
Facebook: White Blush

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