Roses are dead… I mean red


I like dead flowers better than live ones. BUT if you want to score cookie points with me, it’s not roses of any color. I like roses don’t get me wrong, but they’re just not as captivating and it’s also a very predictable choice. I’m not much of a flower and chocolates kind of girl. If you must get me flowers, orchids and tulips are the way to go. But I’d rather just receive a card, a doodle or a pen lol. Something minute but that I will value and can keep. (I end up hanging the flowers a day or two afterwards so you spent x amount on of money on flowers that will automatically end up dying on my part.)

I liked the look of these roses. The “i’m startin to die” look. I sound so fucking morbid lol! Anyway, my sister is the same way and I bought these for her from her kids cause they wanted to buy her flowers. So I pulled a few before she ditched them.

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