Photo Recap

•My sweet tea gives me inspiration. Grannyisms are the best.
•Me in a blur
•Fortune cookie’s don’t lie.
•Slow! I wrote that for a friend.
•Libra the scales. Best sign everrrr lol
•I caved and had ice cream. That’s marble slab (Sweet cream with a dash of strawberry syrup add almonds and pecans). Best ice cream on earth. Try it!
•I dyed my hair again 😀 😀 😀
•All gold everything. That’s my baby bracelet. Has my name on the outside and my date of birth inside. That’s how original ID bracelets were back then
•I got a love letter in the mail but “Shhh”
•Me trying to be shmexy hahaha
•Mariácheese. These chips have the best names ever! Plus the packaging is awesome.
•All you need is diet, coke love.
•Most of my food comes with stickers at all times :X
•My love comes in 40 varieties hahaha
•The fog
•Foggy palm tree
•More stickers but add the jalapeños.
•I’m the best sister in the world. Bought my older sister a $600 mixer but I know how to shop and got it for less than half the price.
•La cara de la luna
•Fahtima the innocent (plus her bday is 3 days before mine). She looks like the child I once was. At least I’ll have good looking kids. Our genes tend to dominate the mens.
•My famous awesome secret ingredient chicken. I promise you’ll love it. Everyone who has had it does.
•Lady luck.
•Francheska, the oldest of the little skittles. She’s turning into quite the beauty and her dimples! I’m a total sucker for dimples.
•Remains of a lustful lip that once was.

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