Ricky Hil/Rich Hil–SYLDD Album


Ladies and gentlemen… I give you my boo’s (lol) album, SYLDD.

It may be taken down since it’s mediafire, but it should be on his site/soundcloud either now or soon.

Download: Ricky Hil–SYLDD

The opening song is the shit. The Weeknd is also on this project. I think I just fell in love. Has an old country western movie feel to it (first two songs) and I appreciate it. Something like a classic rock album. Then it changes up and it’s fucking awesome.

I think I found my favorite song:

I love every word to this song. (I TOTALLY winged the lyrics lol).

I think I can fix you.

I am lost,
can’t find my way.
You are gone,
when I’m awake.
I feel for you, (?)
I will feel for you.
I just need to numb the pain.

Will you fix me,
will you show me how to breathe.
If our all is gone, (?)
then all my hope is lost.

Will you fix me,
will you give me what I need.
And I’ll love you.

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