Video: Rihanna–Stay Feat. Mikky Ekko

My favorite Rihanna song. I fell in love when she performed this song for the first time on SNL. I thought it was just her and was side tracked when Mikky Ekko joined in. His song “Pull Me Down” is another favorite along with “Feels Like The End”. This video is bare. Bare as it gets. It could be an ode to Chris Brown who knows, who cares. She’s stripped down, almost no makeup. Her scars are visible especially the one on her lip. She has got to have the prettiest eyes ever. The way it goes from a honey to the big bright green is just beautiful. The girl is beautiful whether one says so or not. You see the emotion, you feel the emotion and I commend her for releasing a beautiful song that I empathize with. We all want that one person to just… stay.

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