Music: Bad Bad Hats


So Bad Bad Hats consists of three people. Kerry, the vocalist and guitar. Chris, vocals, guitar, bass and drums and Noah the bassist. Kerry and Chris do the songwriting etc. etc. They have quirky lyrics but it’s catchy and makes you want to go outside and soak up the sun while jamming them out and drinking sweet tea. (I like tea).

How did I come across them you may ask? On the plane. I was on my way down south of Texas and a passenger who wore the sickest burgundy pants accompanied by an awesome black tee. I can’t remember what was on it. I want to say it was a Joy Division tee. He told me he was excited that he got a window seat and a seat all to himself vs. having to sit on the 2 seater side (which I had to and aisle at that but no one sat with me at the end so I had a row of my own. So I winnnn!). We chatted for a second or two and then he whipped out his laptop and was browsing through music and left that up and here we are. So thank you guy on the jet plane we were on with the cool attire and the Herschel backpack (we were cool we both had one. Mine electric blue and his was just a canvas looking one). So yeah, there’s the story! Lmao! Check out Bad Bad Hats especially you Tops if you read this. This is so up your alley (at least I think).


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