KiD CuDi–Indicud


KiD CuDi releases the album artwork for his upcoming project, Indicud. King Chip, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and RZA are the core players here. What spiked my interest? HAIM! WOOHOO! I’m excited for that track. What threw me through a loop? Michael (Kick Ass) Bolton. Niceee. I like a few of his tunes so this will for sure be interesting. I’m ready. I’m glad he’s mixing it up versus going with the norm. Then again, this is KiD CuDiiiiiiiiii.

1. The Resurrection Of Scott Mescudi
2. Unfuckwittable
3. Just What I Am Feat. King Chip
4. Young Lady Feat. Father John Misty
5. King Wizard
6. Immortal
7. Solo Dolo Part II Feat. Kendrick Lamar
8. Girls Feat. Too $hort
9. New York City Rage Fest
10. Red Eye Feat. Haim
11. Mad Solar
12. Beez Feat. RZA
13. Brothers Feat. King Chip & A$AP Rocky
14. Burn Baby Burn
15. Lord Of The Sad And Lonely
16. Cold Blooded
17. Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) Feat. Michael Bolton & King Chip
18. The Flight Of The Moon Man

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