Music: Ashanti–Never Should Have

Ashanti releases a new track off her album Braveheart. Never Should Have is an ode for her breakup and a break down of shit that shouldn’t have happened. I like the song. It’ll resonate with girls everywhere. I included lol, ain’t gonna lie to kick it.

You were all that I wanted, I fell in love with
You ‘cause you loved me and I thought that you were ready
I thought that we were gonna be a family
and if you weren’t then you should’ve let me
keep all of my love to give, to someone worthy.

You never should have loved me
You never should have touched me
You never should have, never should have
told me you loved me and you would never leave me

‘cause everything that you would do
to make me fall in love with you
until you left and you made that mistake
now i can’t take it back if i wanted to (wanted to)

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