Music/Video: Hanni El Khatib–Penny/Family

Hanni El Khatib was first introduced to me by my friend Michael and I was grateful for it. Hanni leaves us with Penny a new single off his upcoming album.

“The bass line for ‘Penny’ was this thing I’d play bored at soundcheck forever, and eventually tried to turn it into a song,” Hanni said about the song. “It was also the first track that we recorded for the new album. For whatever reason, we managed to record all the live parts in one take and the rest fell into place soon after. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the recordings.”

He was SXSW and performed Family for the Converse Rubber Tracks. Watch:

It’s fucking cool how he’s Palestinian and Filipino and totally owning the rock sound and look. The make up of his band is pretty impressive too.


      1. Yeah I remember that bad ass song you showed me. I didn’t say he wasn’t dope. I was just wondering if you thought the same cuz I was searching for a while till I found the song it reminded me of.

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