Video: Machine Gun Kelly–Skate Cans Feat. Ryan Sheckler

So much is going on in here! First you got Kellz doing the black and white with graffiti on the walls and liquid black clouds making appearances. Then you have Sheckler doing stunts in Hollywood High where he almost landed on a dude that didn’t even see it coming. THEN throughout the video you witness something awesome (well at least for me). His drummer Rookie (JP Cappelletty in case you want to google him) goes ham on some trash cans doing tricks with the sticks. So I got to thinking what the hell does this kid look like on the actual drums… holy fuck shit noodles the guy is amazing. From what I gathered he won some type of high school drum off or what not but later got picked up by MGK. I don’t know all the details so don’t quote me. He covered a shit load of songs by rappers/singers and killed them all so I see why he’s with MGK. I can’t wait for MGK’s Black Flag mixtape to come out. 1. Because the cover is sooooooo dope. Reminds me of something Banksy would do. Just the mom fixing her tyranny of a son’s bandana is awesome. 2. Because I’m interested in the drum sound Rookie will give this project.

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