KiD CuDi Leaves G.O.O.D. Music


KiD CuDi announces his departure from G.O.O.D. Music. At first I was “WHY?!!!” but then I actually thought about it and I think he may have done a good thing, no pun intended. Based on Cruel Summer, if Cruel Winter is anything like it, he made a wise choice. Let’s face it, his song on Cruel Summer stood out like a sore thumb because it didn’t fit the actual album. CuDi has that je ne sais quoi about him. He’s a chameleon who adjusts to any genre but Indie Rap is more his scene. He’s literally the man on the moon with his work and I appreciate it. According to his interview, Kanye and him are fine no bad blood within the camp.

Man, everything is cool. Everything is peace with everyone on the label, but I’m announcing that I’m no longer on G.O.O.D. Music. And this is something that no one knows really. I’m no longer on G.O.O.D. Music… Me and Kanye were actually talking on the phone the other day, and there’s been things I wanted to talk to him about. About me wanting to start my own direction, and he got because he’s trying to start his own new path, and trying new things as an artist. And he was just like ‘Man, I feel you. It’s cool.’ This is just from a business standpoint. There’s no beef with anyone on the label. It’s all love.


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