Video: Sara Bareilles–Brave

Oh Sara… If there is one singer/artist/songwriter/genius that I adore with alllllll my might is her. She is the most covered artist on my iPod. I sing to her songs religiously a few times a week. She makes me reach my lower and higher registers with every ounce it takes. She makes me want to just Youtube myself and post videos of myself but I won’t lol. I have but I’ve never posted anything. Her voice, her sound, her music but most importantly her message through songs is so beautiful. I caught a glimpse of her in ACL a few years ago and sadly I didn’t stay because I went to see Kanye. I caught her singing ‘Fuck You’ by Cee Lo Green and I hope I get to see her in full concert soon. This song is her newest single and it has a positive message and the people in it are fucking awesome!

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