Video: SomeKindaWonderful–Reverse


SomeKindaWonderful is a duo from LA/Cleveland respectively and I thought the lead singer was awesome because he had some type of awesome sounding overseas tone. WRONG. Turns out there isn’t SHIT on them on the net. I mean there is but not how they have lives and crochet in their spare time and what they eat for breakfast kind of thing (You know people obsess over that kind of stuff). What I did find was that this awesome “ooh ooh” crooner used to be a rapper. I’m intrigued. Awesome tone, raspy here and there AND he raps?! SOLD. I’ve now followed them on Tumblr, liked their Facebook and subscribed to their YouTube. Too much? Nah.

Reverse serves as their first single and it’s a beautiful song. The tone sets for a classic sounding tune. It captivates you when Mr. Jordy Towers (awesome voice man singing who has some YouTube’s out there. Check out ‘Sentiment to Hip Hop’) let’s loose on that awesome voice of his and sets the tone to the track. This honestly sounds like a track that could be on a Grindhouse/Robert Rodriguez movie. It’s beautiful. Go and stalk them, love them, like them. It’s all the same. I NEED THIS SONG!

Oh and the designer in me LOVE, LOVES LOVESSSS, the typography and illustrations in this video.

She hung the phone up and said fuck you it’s over
sorry but this is the end.

Such harsh words.

In case you want to the see the B E A U T I F U L lyric video that is red, black and white (LOVE) here is the link:

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