Music: We Are Twin–The Way We Touch


I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m trying to get back up and going. Just been excessively busy. I’ve had so many submissions, I’m overwhelmed yet humbled to know people want me to check things out. I’ll get to it I promise!

We Are Twin is a duo based from LA with an awesome sound. Her voice is amazing. Has a 50-60’s feel to it. The lyrics to this little tune are simple yet so lovely and infectious. Their sound as described by them is “a style that dips into rock ‘n’ roll soul, electronic production, Pop sensibility and even a little classical orchestration.” They go on to say they want it to feel like you’re listening to a symphony and do they deliver. “WE ARE TWIN’s first single “The Way We Touch” builds from a driving beat into an unshakable chorus. Gabi delivers each word with bluesy cadence echoing voices like Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter with infectious passion matched by a warm soundscape bristling with synths, keys, and strings.”

Via their Facebook page: We Are Twin

You’d be the best that I ever hoped for
I love it, I can’t resist the way you are, the way we touch.

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