Video: Miley Cyrus–Wrecking Ball

You know I don’t mind Miley actin’ out, twerkin her ass off and doing unlike Hannah Montana shit. I really don’t. She can get fucked up, high, hang with all the rappers in the world and be the poster child for “cool” shit now. I get it. I really, really do BUT this video here… I have a BIG issue with. What is the issue you may ask? That this song is beautiful. The lyrics have emotion and they have powerful words that emote pain, heartbreak, confusion etc AND she sounds great singing it. It has beautiful parts, don’t get me wrong, but WHAT IN THE FUCKITY OF FUCKS does licking a hammer or ‘riding’ a ‘wrecking ball’ have anything to do with this song? I get she’s just being “Miley” but come on now. Do us all a solid and make this beautiful song, a beautiful video. Her being naked was actually not the issue either. She could have sat in the rubble curled up naked and crying with a ball flying around her and it would have made for a solid piece. I don’t turn the other eye on people being naked but being seductive in what is supposed to be a sad song makes no fucking sense. I’m not being a hater, this is not ‘art’ as many like to throw that word around freely. This is just an idea gone half ass wrong. Stop making out with shit, stop being suggestive on songs that don’t call for it, stop wearing fucking white! I get it you have nipples, somewhat of an ass and a fucking vagina that we can all clearly see. I’m in love with her haircut, her look or what not but not with the shitastic ways she conveys beautiful songs. Just be a little more sincere and stop sticking your damn tongue out Miley. Focus before you just become a wreck… see what I did there? Lol.

Sidenote: she has GORGEOUS eyes!

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