Music: JMSN–The One

It’s no secret my obsession with JMSN is bar none. His new album will be gracing our hands, eyes and ears on November 5th. He will be in Texas two days but only in Austin and Dallas. I’d love to make the trip to Austin, but I can’t… and I’m upset. He’s yet to come to Houston and I’m like his number one stan on FB BUT he responds which is great. Vinyl has been pre-ordered, album has been pre-ordered, I mean…

I’m having an indecisive moment figuring out what t-shirt I want, what hoodie I want, why can’t he just come to Houston? LMAO. Anyway, Christian has released two tracks in the absence of myself and my blog but here you are. I am late, I know but one is NEVER too late to love JMSN.

P.S. Can I just be the girl humming along in a track? I promise I’m not too bad of a singer. Ha!

Something tells me that this is right
Of all the things I could take away from this
Someone tell me, is this life?
How could I have ever been so oblivious?
All the time, you’re on my mind
How could I have ever been so oblivious?

In case you need more… You can never have enough of JMSN


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