Music: Justin Bieber–Recovery

Okay let’s talk about a few things. Every single fucking song this dude has released has been on fire. I don’t care if he’s a kid, if his voice changed, if he drinks, smokes weed, sleeps in the same bed with other dudes. I DON’T CARE. Bieber is good in my book. If he keeps this going, I’m all in. I’m a Belieber. I Beliebeeee… too much? Okay. Well let’s get started on my favorite part. ARTWORK! His designer deserves a standing ovation. I love good design and I love clean, tidy and simple. Everything he’s dropped is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Secondly, Bei Maejor/Maejor Ali is behind a lot of this and hat off to him for polishing Biebs sound. And lastly, did anybody catch the Craig David sample? MIND BLOWN. What song you may ask? ‘Fill Me In’ it’s an old song, I used to be Craig David’s number 4/5 fan lol. I was like yessssssssss. But lastly… can Selena and him just really get back together? I really liked them as a unit. The Biebs is hurtin’ in these songs… Selena please beliebe it… Hahaha okay I’ll stop.

To bring it altogether, I can’t wait for this album too. Biebs a new man.

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