Video: Lady Gaga–Do What You Want Feat. R. Kelly (Live on SNL)

Okay where do I begin. First, I’m late on this but this shit is EPIC! Epic in the sense that I’ve never laughed so damn hard in my life. Like WTF were they thinking especially Kellz acting like it was a great decision. I will say they sound amazing even with all the fucking acrobatic movements they have going on. Gaga… WHAT THEEEEEEE FUCK are you doing? Why are you dancing like you were in a body cast for so long that when you got released you dance as if you were still in it. And with this get up, she looks like a skinny version of Rebel Wilson (Rebel>>>>> for the win though). The part where she’s “giving him head” had me rollin’ sooooo fucking hard. They look like a bad act on “America’s Got Talent”. R. Kelly… I get that you want to look cool and you really did until you turned around and I saw that big ass blinged out Versace medusa on the back of your blazer. WHY? It screamed mariachi to me but I can forgive that. Why are you doing push ups? LOL. Clearly Gaga’s wig wins this fucking disaster. She had so much hair, she didn’t know what to do but whip it. I’m such a fucking hater but God did this make me laugh. This is honestly one of the best cuts from her album. The album is not that great. Just being honest.

Shout out to the dancers… I mean band members LOL. I’ve never seen guitars dance so hard in my life.

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