Music: Tinashe–Vulnerable Feat. Travi$ Scott


Tinashe delivers her latest single ‘Vulnerable’ as promised. With a few teasers and a few hints, we get the product with the surprise of Travi$ Scott being added to this beautiful track. Sure they’re lines we’ve heard but a few lines were added to make it seem like it fit perfectly. The anticipation for her EP “Black Water” will come out on tuesday (YES)! But ummm…

Don’t stop looking at me…


    1. Busy! Lol. Seems like every time I come in here to post, I get pulled right back out to real life! How are you? I still haven’t seen it! I will look at it now. Hope all is well with you.

      1. Yeah but you know how they group up with OVO and extensions of companies. She put it on her FB. Maybe it’ll be her management or an imprint. Not sure, but she’s their first lady so it’s kind of cool.

      2. Im good, just working on my album! Made a remix project for christmas eve, you probably like it, same style just way better! Really just been creative, trying to kept geting better all around. Here are some updates social wise

      3. her mixtape on the site, just search her name, she did it all in her bedroom, she made alot of the beats on all her tapes, i didnt know that

      4. Yeah I used to watch her like 2 minute videos on how she goes about life or answers questions fans ask. (Haha, I’m all stalker). She’s so good and has been good since she was a kid so this is her time.

      5. u wanna hear track i did today my album, i gotta email it to you, not fb friends with you, u can send mp3 messages to friends pretty dope

      6. That’s great. There’s a wide spectrum for you to cover with your talent. You have a niche for project ghost. It suits you and would go well with trippy shit. Lol.

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