Marsha Ambrosius–Run

Because I’m a sap. I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. I love feeling part of something, someone but when it’s broken, it’s the worst. This song just brings all emotions one feels towards someone, something or a few people all at once. It’s beautiful, it’s organic and it’s sung by Marsha at her best. These songs are my favorite when she pours her all into them. It’s her first single since… hell I want to say 2011. She’s dropped mixtapes and mixtapes but not a single to show signs of a new album and here we have it. Thank you for this song Marsha, it’s beautiful.

Couldn’t talk, couldn’t sleep
Didn’t know
What you mean
Got me here
I’m so weak
Cause you came in too deep
Wanna stay?
Wanna leave?
I’m so caught in between
Now I find and I see
That you just weren’t the one for me.

…we came so close, so close to love

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