Movie: Lucy

So last Thursday I went and watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and didn’t even eat, drink or chew gum to avoid any type of fluid procedure that involved me getting up and having to go pee. Reason? I do not like eating nor drinking while watching a movie at the movie theater because I hate missing any part of a movie. That being said, IT WAS CAPTAIN AMERICA ANDDDDD it was over 2 freaking hours plus the extra scenes. If you haven’t watched it, there’s two… TWO! I missed the second one because I didn’t know and neither did the person I went with. We were pissed the next day and said we’d watch it again. Anyway, the point of this is THIS trailer happened and as bad as I wanted her to just be The Black Widow in her own movie (I know, I know not gonna happen) it turns out she’s Lucy. A kidnapped chick who has drugs in her stomach that erupt and make her a fucking bad ass. My girl crush on ScarJo has forever had its light burning but this movie had me like “Shhhh not while ScarJo is kicking ass” I’m a fan girl of comics and comic movies but she’s just a superhero here and is accompanied by Morgan Freeman (another favorite!) so guess who will be at the movies avoiding the concession stand? THIS GIRl! I’m a cheap date, what can I say. WATCH LUCY!

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