Music: Emilio Rojas–Bitch is Crazy Feat. Joe Budden

Emilio Rojas is one of the most underrated artists out there. It would be my absolute DREAM come true if Snow Tha Product and Emilio did a few songs together because the assassination that would happen to that beat with their word play would be so damn insane. They both have great things going for them. 1. The speed they possess to rap is like none other. 2. They are both latinos (Snow is Mexican and Emilio is Venezuelan) 3. They’ve been in this for a while and are finally seeing ‘the light’ let’s do this please!!! LOL.

Emilioooo teams up with Joe Budden to talk about how some chick is crazy and how they can’t leave them… typical. LOL. Rojas’ tone is just that ‘mmmmmm’ kind (sorry I’m being a girl at the moment but he has a sexy ass voice). But check the song out it’s a nice, chill track.

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