Vicktor Taiwo has a little chunk of my heart, it would be bigger but at the moment, Sam Smith holds the rest. Vicktor released this masterpiece of a video. It’s so beautiful with such depth and depicts paintings with lifelike qualities… it’s truly, breathtaking. I’ve never seen a video like this in my time. ‘Digital Kids’ is about a year old and we get a video treatment for it and the wait was totally worth it. This is truly the type of song that will never age because of the beauty of it and for the power the words hold. Having Pigeons and Planes premiere his video he leaves an explanation:

Before, children had time to think that the world was beautiful and I think that should be virulently protected. But now, you know what’s wrong with the world from such a young age. You have no time to be a child; you have no time to appreciate how beautiful this world is, and it is beautiful.

July 7th will be the day he releases ‘Mercury’ and I for one, am beyond excited.

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