Music: JMSN–Street Sweeper (Remix) Feat. Freddie Gibbs

I haven’t written in a while but what better way to come back to my favorite artist in the world. Not only because he has the best voice in the world but but because he has Freddie Gibbs singing in a rapping sort of way. Gibbs dad was a singer so it’s sort of natural right? JMSN’s album is out in December. Yes, I’ve pre-ordered my album, and my vinyl (I own 3 about to be 4 of his), got a T-shirt… the works. I am THAT dedicated to this man’s craft. I just need him in Houston damn it! If you haven’t heard the GENIUS work of this man, you are missing out. He not only sings and produces, he takes the time to like and write back to his fans when he gets the chance (I know this because he’s done so with me hahaha, total nerd here). Fall in love with Christian and his beautiful voice.


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