Video: Yuna–Broke Her

Tell me is this alright with you?
Having me in your life.
I always thought, that maybe I could be your wife,
And I wouldn’t mind living a lie.
Still I keep my hopes up,
I am out there, out there lighting the dark.

Your words they come out so easy,
“Girl I just want to be me”
All the sudden I’m not on your team,
replaced by the prettier things.
But I see you with all these girls,
I just don’t understand.
I guess I’m not like the rest of them.

So this is my punishment, punishment, punishment.
‘Cause baby I’m in pain, I’m in pain, I’m in pain,
I’m just trying to overcome, the fact that maybe I was not enough,
The only thing that I think of is whether I should give up.

See you can be with any girl you like,
you can send them all the fashion and social life(not sure about this line lol)
Buy them all the things your money can buy,
you don’t owe nobody an alibi.
Go ahead and leave me out of your life,
no one’s gonna ask you where you are tonight.
You can tell your friends while you’re all hot…
Yeah I broke her but she’ll be alright.

I broke her but she’ll be alright
I broke her but she’ll be alright

I’m broken but… I’ll be alright.

When I first heard the intro, I thought Yuna was going to do something very un-Yuna like. I was wrong. She made this beat used by Drake in 0-100 sort of irrelevant for me, no offense Drake. She found the original producers of the song and made it her own. Wow. That is all I’ve got to say. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t stop listening to it. Hear for yourself.

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