REVIEW: fyfe–control

A few years back, I stumbled upon Fyfe and his amazing song ‘Solace’. He had no manager, label etc. He was an independent artist emailing his track with a photo of the back of his head and that was it. No information, no “hey what’s up, I’m Fyfe” nothing. It’s normal these days to stumble upon artists with almost little to offer. Mystery, obscurity and artwork that makes you want to listen for just that reason entices people like myself. So once I pushed play I was in heaven. Solace was just the song I had been longing for at that precise moment and I wanted more… I needed more. I googled, I stalked the internet for more and nothing. Smart man, very, very smart man.

Fyfe is a crooner in his own special way, he has such an angelic voice filled with angst, life, love and the way he fills pockets with his simple tone is beautiful. It’s pop, it’s electronic, it’s alternative, it fits the mold. The way his voice cuts through certain melodies to fall into his lower register to spike right into his falsetto is like icing on a cake. This year Fyfe released ‘Control’ his first debut album filled with classical music arranged to be as minimal as possible. He’s a prodigy at just 25 years of age with knowledge in playing violin, piano, and trumpet.

‘Control’ provides us with 11 solid tracks with a fusion of synths, drums, choirs, piano, guitars, intricate arrangements and music that is pretty much like poetry. ‘For You’ is one of my favorite tracks. It’s such a pop song but the piano keys just being hit so hard and that sax solo… (melts. I used to play the alto sax). It’s like Kenny G had a resurrection and made a solid comeback at the end of this song. ‘In Waves’ showcases a darker vibe as Fyfe discusses how love comes and goes how there is distrust and comes… in waves. It’s the more somber track of the album clocking in at just a little over 2 minutes but just as powerful as everything else. Again the piano here makes room for melancholy and desperation to convey the distress in his voice. In ‘Keep it Together’ the bass/guitar with drums are the beauty in it. Especially the riffs and hard drums ugh I’m a sucker for riffs that follow the melody of voices. This song is on some Jimi Hendrix shit in the middle, probably another one of my favorites. At one point the somewhat plucking makes this song so solid but the riffs and shredding are just so beautiful. His voice in this song is just an addition as the arrangements here are so much more bad ass.

I could keep going but I’d be writing a novel on how amazing this project is. ‘Veins’ is another song you should listen to the whispers and how the ivorys of the piano flare, once again are genius. Please do yourself a favor and vibe out to this album and artist. The man knows exactly what he’s doing. If this was a review on 10 stars, I’d give this a 20. That’s how much I love this album.

The whole album is below for listening:

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