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Video: Shawn Mendes-Treat You Better


As usual, I’ve neglected the shit out of my blog. I’m busy, super fucking busy but I still jam out and find new people or people I like to listen to. So for like the half reader I have, here is something new. Well, not new but I love this song so much. It’s soooo mainstream and so pop but I just love Shawn Mendes. My nieces are obsessed with this song and I am too. Plus, the video has a strong message that’s good to see.


Music: Lais-Moon & Stars 2 Feat. Skizzy Mars

So Lais has been on my radar for a while but as we can see, I’m late to posting shit on here. I’ve just honestly not cared but I do care now LOL. Lais dropped his EP ‘114’ on the 19th after they stole his producer’s laptop and backup drive. Most of ‘114’ was on there and he had to re-record the majority of it. Talk about focus. He hails from Toronto. If you listen to Drake’s OVO Sounds Radio, you may have heard a little tune by the name of ‘For You’ played on there. No shocker there as Drake is one of his influences but Drake digs him too. Check him out and check out his EP ‘114’ named after the address from his home.


Cocaine Rain is the jam as well.

Music: Buckamore-All That Matters P3


Artwork: Black Owl Moon Designs (me lol)


For this piece, I’ve written a few times on Buck here. Buckamore is an artist who hails from Houston and I can’t classify him as a certain artist because he makes so much music in all genres. He’s a good friend of mine who let’s me put my creativity to work at times for cover art or any other format he needs. Take a listen to ATMP3 on his take on Bieber’s song. “Heartbreak Hotels” is the title of his next EP and will be coming soon. If you want to hear more, you can hear, add, contact him in all the platforms below:



Instagram (Be sure to follow my business page ‘Black Owl Moon Designs’)




Music: Troye Sivan–Bite

I discovered Troye on accident. Usually, I’m searching for new music with the intention of finding music that way but I accidentally downloaded this song thinking it was another one and I’m glad I did. Troy is 20 years old and hails from Australia. If you are into X-Men you’ll recognize him as the young Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. From what I can tell, he’s a big deal on YouTube lol. He has a cool voice and the musicality of his songs are bad ass. The below song contains a sample of ‘Grindin’ by Clipse. Feels like a few people have been sampling that now but whatever, I like it on this song.

What is awesome about him? He’s so unabashed by his sexuality and that kicks ass.

Video: Adele–Hello

My spirit animal is back. Yes, I know I’m late in posting this but nonetheless here we are. Just when you thought you were at one with your emotions, she comes in full force. Welcome back Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, glad to see you working again. 25 will be one of her best, I can feel it in my bones. Can we talk about her makeup in this video? Jesus bless the child who bestowed upon us that perfectly contoured face. Especially at 3:33 (inserts yaaasssssss hands). So excited for this album.

The memes with Lionel Richie are epic with this song. Hello is a wonderful tune for those who were once assholes to past exes or said fuck you, you and double fuck you BUT since I’ve never broken any hearts, to me it’s more of a friendship song because I have in fact broken up with friends and zero fucks were given at the time. As we mature, we reflect and think back to those we’ve hurt, hurt us etc. etc. I usually fall off the face of the planet and maybe resurface to say I’m sorry but if it was your fault and I left, best believe I am not saying sorry. I have pride. LOL.

New Music: James Curtis–Good Decisions

James Curtis also known as: Peso James, Weak Ass James or you can call him Stiff Papi. James first came into my life in February of 2015. We first locked eyes at Warehouse Live where I was sippin’ on some Malibu with Pineapple Juice, my ‘I don’t want to get fucked up and enjoy the music go to drink’. He got on stage, took a mic, and started rapping. He introduced himself to us as Weak Ass James and gave us his IG handle of said so name. I listened to his first song and then went and added him. There’s nothing weak about James… at all. The songs he performed had dope beats, the rapping was great and his one feature was lovely. One of the reasons I love attending concerts is to discover new acts, new music, and dope, down to earth people. I’d never heard of him when he jumped on stage and like every person there who may not have known him, I was curious and ready to hear what he had to offer. There were no boos, and the crowd seemed to like what they heard. He didn’t have a massive stage with 500 people on it. It was just him, the spotlight and a mic. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. James had a concert not too long ago in which I purchased tickets but didn’t get to attend. The bottom line is this dude is awesome. His tone is original, clean and his take on his craft is unique. Take a listen to any of his songs on his SoundCloud and if you happen to catch him in concert, go support.

Yesterday, he dropped his new single ‘Good Decisions’ which you can stream above. His album “Till Death Do Us Part” will be released on October 10th. If you like what you hear, follow James on social media.

Instagram @pesoxjames



Video: Steven A Clark-Can’t Have

I don’t know much about Steven besides the fact that he comes from North Carolina, has awesome taste in fashion and is a breath of fresh air as cliché as that sounds. I am definitely getting this album. It’s not the normal average sound which is why I like it. He has a beautiful voice: bluesy and his falsetto is nooiiiceeee (I’m a sucker for falsettos on men).

His debut album ‘The Lonely Roller’ is up for pre-order but comes out September 18th on Secretly Canadian.

Music: Loe–Unbreak

This is life right now. She takes on so many twists and turns and so many ups and downs and every second is loved. This is that trippy dark/light stuff I love and have missed and she embodies it all here.  Loe is 20 years of Mexican and African-American decent. She’s part of The Hive Society’s Buzz Series and well worth it. She’s from my great state of Texas hailing from Missouri City and has a wonderful way of dominating the beats with her ghost like sounds and Björk  dominating ways. Can’t wait to hear more of her. In case you’d like to, here is a stand out track.

REVIEW: fyfe–control

A few years back, I stumbled upon Fyfe and his amazing song ‘Solace’. He had no manager, label etc. He was an independent artist emailing his track with a photo of the back of his head and that was it. No information, no “hey what’s up, I’m Fyfe” nothing. It’s normal these days to stumble upon artists with almost little to offer. Mystery, obscurity and artwork that makes you want to listen for just that reason entices people like myself. So once I pushed play I was in heaven. Solace was just the song I had been longing for at that precise moment and I wanted more… I needed more. I googled, I stalked the internet for more and nothing. Smart man, very, very smart man.

Fyfe is a crooner in his own special way, he has such an angelic voice filled with angst, life, love and the way he fills pockets with his simple tone is beautiful. It’s pop, it’s electronic, it’s alternative, it fits the mold. The way his voice cuts through certain melodies to fall into his lower register to spike right into his falsetto is like icing on a cake. This year Fyfe released ‘Control’ his first debut album filled with classical music arranged to be as minimal as possible. He’s a prodigy at just 25 years of age with knowledge in playing violin, piano, and trumpet.

‘Control’ provides us with 11 solid tracks with a fusion of synths, drums, choirs, piano, guitars, intricate arrangements and music that is pretty much like poetry. ‘For You’ is one of my favorite tracks. It’s such a pop song but the piano keys just being hit so hard and that sax solo… (melts. I used to play the alto sax). It’s like Kenny G had a resurrection and made a solid comeback at the end of this song. ‘In Waves’ showcases a darker vibe as Fyfe discusses how love comes and goes how there is distrust and comes… in waves. It’s the more somber track of the album clocking in at just a little over 2 minutes but just as powerful as everything else. Again the piano here makes room for melancholy and desperation to convey the distress in his voice. In ‘Keep it Together’ the bass/guitar with drums are the beauty in it. Especially the riffs and hard drums ugh I’m a sucker for riffs that follow the melody of voices. This song is on some Jimi Hendrix shit in the middle, probably another one of my favorites. At one point the somewhat plucking makes this song so solid but the riffs and shredding are just so beautiful. His voice in this song is just an addition as the arrangements here are so much more bad ass.

I could keep going but I’d be writing a novel on how amazing this project is. ‘Veins’ is another song you should listen to the whispers and how the ivorys of the piano flare, once again are genius. Please do yourself a favor and vibe out to this album and artist. The man knows exactly what he’s doing. If this was a review on 10 stars, I’d give this a 20. That’s how much I love this album.

The whole album is below for listening:

Video: Jamie xx–Loud Places Feat. Romy

Jamie xx is set to release a new album in June titled “In Colour” and so far a few tracks have been released. ‘Loud Places’ is the newest one featuring fellow band mate and best friend Romy from The xx. Both enjoyed skateboarding growing up and figured the video would be good doing so. Hopefully we get a new xx album soon. Ready for a new one.

Video: JMSN–Foolin’

Because he’s amazing and I finally got to see him live and meet him and chit chat for a few minutes. JMSN… you are the man. If you ever want to see someone perform live and want them to sound exactly the same, go se JMSN. Houston’s performance was great. Hope to see you again! Here is ‘Foolin”, one of the best tracks off JMSN.

P.S. He has the best freaking group ever. His drummer is amazing!

You’re everything I want, yeah
It’s something that you got, oh
And i just want to make you stay
Keep you here right next to me, yeah
You know you turn me on, ah
It’s a feeling I can’t fight, oh no-no
(So let’s make it easy) no
(So simple and easy)

Music: Tiara Thomas–How It Is

Can this please be part of her new album? If she drops a new album? Tiara is so underrated and her leaving Wale’s label didn’t help immediately. She’s signed with a division of Interscope and hopefully with this long wait, we get a solid album. In the meantime, this song is amazing, as well as her other acoustic songs and a cover/remake of Justin Bieber’s “All that Matters” into “You Do” (one of my favorite tracks as of late). How It Is, is a solid track.