Submission Monday

Submission: Garden City Movement–Terracotta


I’ve been slacking on my Submissions and if weren’t for a follow up email I received, this probably would have made its way onto the blog a few months from now, but that second email made me take some time out and listen to this track titled ‘Terracotta’. The name captured my attention as it’s not of the ‘norm’, but then again what is these days? Terracotta is infused with pop, electronica, synths, chopped (I’m from Houston and it’s chopped lol!) and a citar(s)! CITARS! When that made its way into the track I was blown away because to me, it was totally unexpected yet so beautiful. Terracotta is like candy to the ear.

Garden City Movement hail from Israel and it consists of three pop-synth geniuses. Why geniuses? Listen to the track. If their EP ‘Bengali Cinema’ sounds anything like this, I’m ready and looking forward to summer. The EP drops June 23rd and picks up from their EP from last fall titled ‘Entertainment’. They have already opened up for the likes of SOHN and Cults in their native land and are on tour promoting their new material. So if you are in search for some new music, let Johnny, Roi and Yoav guide you on ‘Terracotta’.

Check them out on Facebook:

Submission Monday: White Blush


White Blush, alias Carol Rhyu, is an LA artist who actually emailed me her work and asked to take a listen. She described her work as “a bit dark and dreamy”. Her words are correct. Carol has an eerie open sound that exudes the dreamy sound she describes. There are synths and components to her music that makes you want to listen to her short 5 song EP a few times over (which is free here..) She also highly recommended ‘Jolene’ and ‘Mirror’. Jolene is definitely one of my favorites. It’s so airy and whimsical. Her voice fits perfectly with the atmospheric sound she has perfected. She could honestly be reciting a Mother Goose rhyme and it wouldn’t matter. Her voice is an instrument that makes the music mesh.

In her old tiny apartment, she remembers anxiously recording in different rooms without doors and the paranoia of being heard between the walls or small cracks in the floor, “It always felt like someone was coming, but when no one came, this sort of devastating absence filled the room instead.”

The record is very much about this absence as well as a particular nostalgia for that which is always slipping away into the past. Buried in the unconscious layers of these recordings, however, Carol was able to evoke both a sense of intimacy and despair through these gorgeous, minimalist arrangements.

‘Mirror’ is a more fast paced record BUT she left us with a little gem as the chorus! Lana’s Video Games plays a part and sounds beautiful. The musicality of this song is nice as the beginning reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Little Dreamer’ for a quick second then takes a life of its own. The beauty of this is the wisp of her voice that trails along like a dandelion in bloom (yes I went there). ‘Juice of My Heart’ is probably the darkest of the tunes in my opinion. It sounds like it should belong in a movie. As a matter of fact, it could have easily been on the “Drive” soundtrack. The backdrop to this song is so perfect to a chilly night drive and just listening to music at a high volume. This is one of my other favorites. All in all White Blush is a beautiful treat I’m happy about receiving. Check her out if you’d like.

Website: White Blush
Facebook: White Blush

Submission Monday: Saba

Saba is the featured artist of the week. I got this submission back in December and sat on it as I wanted to showcase it nicely. According to Jay Caves, Saba is a “5 tool player hitting for power, average, speed, fielding and throwing. Rap wise: Lyricism, self production, creativity, vulnerability and hardworking.” I agree with Caves statement as Saba’s music isn’t your typical music or the ‘expected’ perhaps. He has a cool vibe much like a J. Cole but with a harder punch. The production on songs such as ‘INTROverted’ make me appreciate the instruments especially the horns. The way the song falls off and has an airy sound is smooth. ‘Knowing’ Feat. Martin $ky could easily be an Odd Future song. Saba’s production on here is a laid back, hazy sound giving off an ambiance of a low key night. Maybe driving, maybe drinking, maybe smoking. All up to you. ‘Heaux’ Feat. Mick Jenkins is honestly one of my favorites. Why? It bangs. Easy. Picks up and drops off where it’s supposed to and the skill in the deliverance over each beat is perfect. “My n***as will probably end up in your daughter”. I laughed, it’s a witty line. I’m a sucker for witty lines annddddd you can’t go wrong when someone cites a Prison Break line. Yessssss. ‘Adderall’ received the video treatment which you’ll find down below and this record lives up to the video itself. This video needs a caution disclaimer so much shit is going on but you can’t help but look. Basically, Saba isn’t disappointing AND he’s only 18. Seriously? I can sit here and write about every song but just download the album and give it your own opinion. No one else’s opinion matters but your own but giving it a little push doesn’t hurt. Many thanks to Jonathan for the submission.

You can download the album Saba–#getCOMFORTable.

“At the end of the day, the product will speak for itself, don’t let me bore you with all of this reading and these pictures of my beautiful face. Just listen.” -Saba

With the release of his debut project, GETCOMFORTable, Pivot Gang’s own, Saba, establishes himself as one of Chicago’s premier talents. Sponsored by Ruby Hornet and Heart Of The City TV, and featuring production from Thelonious Martin, DJ Such N Such, and Saba himself, GETCOMFORTable is equally smooth and abrasive. With collaborations with Martin $ky and Jean Deaux as well as his fellow Pivot Gang Member Joseph Chilliams, GETCOMFORTable is one of the best projects to come out in 2012.

Hailing from the Westside of Chicago, Saba has been making music since the age of nine and is a double threat as an emcee and producer. Go ahead and #GETCOMFORTable.”