blue album

Album Stream: JMSN-JMSN (Blue Album)

Let’s just continue my JMSN obsession. I’m a bit late on this but rejoice. Tuesday… you’re looking mighty good from afar. This album is so good. Foolin’, Addicted, Addicted II, Need U, Delay… okay the whole album is great.

The world is calling me but I’d rather stay with you tonight.
Never leave your side.
So know this could not feel more right,
so let’s just take our time.

Music: JMSN–Addicted

I’m addicted to this song (see what I did there?). Doesn’t take long to be in an obsessively compulsive relationship with JMSN’s music. It’s the easiest thing I’ve done! JMSN has released “Addicted” via Stereogum yesterday and I can’t wait for this new album. The rawness of his voice on this is grandiose. All the elements in this song and the beautiful haunting ending is perfection. December 9th JMSN (Blue Album) will be available. I cannot wait to receive mine.

I think I’m addicted to, addicted to loving you, loving you

Video: JMSN–Love Myself

Wish this was longer but we have a new album on the way!!! Maybe this time he’ll visit Houston and not every other town around us lol. Swear I want to manage his tours, be a back up singer, do his artwork, or simply send out emails. LMAO! This man and his music is the real deal. I’ve said it many times and I’ll keep saying it. I own every vinyl he’s put out, even the special numbered ones. That’s my favorite. ‘Blue Album’ sometime 2014.