New Music: Buckamore-Company Feat. Fat Tony


So my boy was working his ass off in 2016 and keeping a low profile and just being low key experiencing life and its many diversities. 2017 is looking promising to Buck, he’s got new music, videos on the way, and just a whole different fusion of sound going on. This one is ‘Company’ featuring another H-Town figure, Fat Tony. After listening to a few edits of this song, this is the final cut and I feel like a proud mother LOL. This is a song that if you’re sober, drunk or high, you can get down with. It has that drunken adult vibe, not that kiddie “let’s black the fuck out to Lil Jon’s music” vibe but an adult “I know where the fuck I’m at” vibe. Kind of like a chill, but so alive feel. I’ve listened to it 3 times already on top of the like 500 others between rough drafts, acapellas and instrumentals. Give it a listen and show him some love on social media. His info is below.