hip hop

#TBT Video: Russ-Losin Control


This song will always be amazing and so will this video. I’m still in love with this man’s voice and his creativity. If you’ve never heard Russ’ music, check him out. He has something for everyone but this is  my absolute favorite song.


She’s fallin’ in love now, losin’ control now
Fightin’ the truth, tryin’ to hide
But I think it’s alright, girl



Music: Gilbere Forte–Nolita Feat. Active Child


A few things; Gilbere drops off Nolita featuring no one other than Active Child… Seriously? Could this be any better? Yes, yes it can. Why? Because this beat is ridiculous. Gilbere has been working his ass off for years now and PRAY will show the world what all he can do. This is only the beginning for Forte (I really wish he would keep his name Forté as that is how you say it. It’s like that on all my songs and I’m sticking with it.) If you haven’t done your research on Gilbere, chop chop cause you’re slacking. Epic did a wonderful thing signing him. He’ll be the next best thing (although he has been in my eyes since I heard of him back in 09/10. Mark my words.

“Nolita is the thing you love and hate the most about love.” – Gilbere Forte

Video: A$AP Rocky–Wild For the Night Feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam

A$AP drops Wild for The Night with Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam. Shit’s pretty dope. I like how they went elsewhere and the ending was the shit. Skrillex made it a party and did his thing. It’s amazing seeing how Skrillex turned into this monster EDM artist when he used to be the lead singer for From First to Last. Ahhh the days I used to jam them too. Lmao! Check the video out. It’s worth the watch.

Video: Kendrick Lamar hears Jay-Z’s verse for the first time

K.Dot is tricked by TDE and is told to listen to a ‘change’ to his track “Bitch don’t Kill my Vibe”. He listens and his face is priceless. “That’s grimy”. Jay did kill it not gonna lie. Then Ab-Soul at the end “Dawg they really let us in the rap game dawg. I can’t believe this shit” lmao!