j. cole

Music: J. Cole-High for Hours


J. Cole drops a new track titled High for Hours. He discusses politics, on his trip to the White House and talking with Obama, to touching base on abusive cycles. This song was not featured on his album just like the first two songs before ‘4 Your Eyez Only’. Maybe he dropped it because it’s MLK Day. No idea, but this song bangs.

Music: J. Cole–Forbidden Fruit Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Jermaine had an app you downloaded and got to listen to the whole album one time starting at 8 pacific time. I forgot but this was released around the internetssss. One of the most anticipated cuts from the album featuring K.Dot.

Money come and go,
love come and go…

Just copped the Maroon 5,
no Adam Levine…

All on my mind
like caller number 9.

The Game–Pray Feat. J. Cole & JMSN

JMSN!!!!!!!!!! YES! Plus tomorrow we get the visuals for Fallin’ because of this track. The beat sounds a bit familiar though. J. Cole sounds awesome of course (my boo) and Jayceon sounds pretty damn decent.

Ohhhh Michael (my friend is a genius!) pointed out that it sounds familiar because “Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All” is sampled! Nice catch! Now I can stop wondering.

When I wake up everyday,
I thank the lord that we are safe, amen.
That’s why you should pray for me,
that’s why you should pray.