Music: JMSN-Drinkin’


It’s no secret I’m pretty much obsessed with Christian and his music. He dropped this single yesterday and has his album up for pre-sale including all sorts of goods. I’ve pre-ordered his vinyl (I own every single one even the a duplicate of Pllajë because he released a special version that is numbered. It’s that serious). Anyway, this album “Whatever Makes U Happy”, will be out April 28th. Below is the tracklist:

-Always Somethin’
-Love Ain’t Enough
-Where Do U Go

Video: JMSN–Foolin’

Because he’s amazing and I finally got to see him live and meet him and chit chat for a few minutes. JMSN… you are the man. If you ever want to see someone perform live and want them to sound exactly the same, go se JMSN. Houston’s performance was great. Hope to see you again! Here is ‘Foolin”, one of the best tracks off JMSN.

P.S. He has the best freaking group ever. His drummer is amazing!

You’re everything I want, yeah
It’s something that you got, oh
And i just want to make you stay
Keep you here right next to me, yeah
You know you turn me on, ah
It’s a feeling I can’t fight, oh no-no
(So let’s make it easy) no
(So simple and easy)

Album Stream: JMSN-JMSN (Blue Album)

Let’s just continue my JMSN obsession. I’m a bit late on this but rejoice. Tuesday… you’re looking mighty good from afar. This album is so good. Foolin’, Addicted, Addicted II, Need U, Delay… okay the whole album is great.

The world is calling me but I’d rather stay with you tonight.
Never leave your side.
So know this could not feel more right,
so let’s just take our time.

Music: JMSN–Addicted

I’m addicted to this song (see what I did there?). Doesn’t take long to be in an obsessively compulsive relationship with JMSN’s music. It’s the easiest thing I’ve done! JMSN has released “Addicted” via Stereogum yesterday and I can’t wait for this new album. The rawness of his voice on this is grandiose. All the elements in this song and the beautiful haunting ending is perfection. December 9th JMSN (Blue Album) will be available. I cannot wait to receive mine.

I think I’m addicted to, addicted to loving you, loving you

Music: JMSN–Street Sweeper (Remix) Feat. Freddie Gibbs

I haven’t written in a while but what better way to come back to my favorite artist in the world. Not only because he has the best voice in the world but but because he has Freddie Gibbs singing in a rapping sort of way. Gibbs dad was a singer so it’s sort of natural right? JMSN’s album is out in December. Yes, I’ve pre-ordered my album, and my vinyl (I own 3 about to be 4 of his), got a T-shirt… the works. I am THAT dedicated to this man’s craft. I just need him in Houston damn it! If you haven’t heard the GENIUS work of this man, you are missing out. He not only sings and produces, he takes the time to like and write back to his fans when he gets the chance (I know this because he’s done so with me hahaha, total nerd here). Fall in love with Christian and his beautiful voice.

Video: JMSN–Thing You Miss (NSFW)

You wanted me,
But I don’t think that there’s such thing.
Well, I can be,
whatever you want me to be.

And I don’t love you, no.
But, you and I can make believe.
Pretending’s hard;
But, giving up is easy.
We can take it slow.
There’s endless possibilities.
But, hurry up because the moments fading.

A life like this,
Is never something you can fix, no.
And, as time turns tricks,
Love is like a thing you miss on the way.

We only see
What we wanna see.
We disagree
With Reality.

And I don’t love you, no.
But, you and I can make believe.
Pretending’s hard;
But, giving up is easy.
We can take it slow.
There’s endless possibilities.
But, hurry up because the moments fading.

A life like this,
Is never something you can fix, no.
And, as time turns tricks,
Love is like a thing you miss on the way.

We may never ever feel it again, the rush.
But, we can make you feel better the more we crush.

You know every little thing depends on trust.
Each beginning is the start of the end for us.

A life like this,
Is never something you can fix, no.
And, as time turns tricks,
Love is like a thing you miss on the way.

JMSN delivers a new video for his track ‘Thing You Miss’. It’s a symbolic video as most of his videos are. The difference? A few things. One: There is no explanation to this one like we get on the rest of his videos/songs. Two: It may not be so obvious to some. The lyrics tell a story and the video follows BUT so many people have veils over their eyes that don’t see the simplicity in this. Well, at least how simple I see it. Two women define this: one an older lady, the other a younger one. You as the audience are left to figure out what it is, that is going on. When I saw this, this to me was a single woman: one showing her youth and the other aging. Hair played that part. The younger girl isn’t a busty, big butt, curvy woman. She is a woman. One who bares it all and shows what women look like. The other showing what an aging woman looks like. A rug was placed on the floor with Jesus on it. Symbol that brings us all as humans, as one. A worship in a sense to do good in his eyes. It just shows the respect (and maybe JMSN plays the part, lol. He looks so much like him! All bs aside…) The older woman is helping the younger woman so to speak with insecurity as her hair is her shelter. It’s her security blanket against the world and by shedding light to who she really is, shows the caring part of the older lady, the motherly figure. Everyone is so fixated on what a woman ‘should’ look like that when shown this version of a woman, people are disgusted, appalled, shallow… shattered. Perception wants a beautiful corpse with curves and muscles and strength that most women/men don’t have. This ‘version’ is either what people really fall in love with or are with but not in love with hence “and I don’t love you no, but we can make believe” many relationships are built on looks, built on education, stature or plain and simple comfort. You’re comfortable with the person that you give up and just settle. Everyone is fixated on what they want to hear, what sounds good, what is convenient, what you want. What you want to see. JMSN made a bold move by incorporating nudity as being naked shows vulnerability, shows defeat, shows all the insecurities one has. Taking this back to Adam and Eve, when created, being naked was nothing to be ashamed of. Wasn’t until the snake said eat the fruit and they saw both aspects and covered up. Society is the snake in this situation and the older lady cut away of the shame and showed the young girl who she really was. Love shouldn’t be shameful, it shouldn’t be vain and it shouldn’t be defeated. Time passes quickly and this can also symbolize that we need to figure out who we are before time is up and we are either alone or in a shitty fucking relationship because one or the other settled out of fear of being alone.

Take it for what YOU see, not for what I see. Because:

A life like this,
Is never something you can fix, no.
And, as time turns tricks,
Love is like a thing you miss on the way.

Video: JMSN–Love Myself

Wish this was longer but we have a new album on the way!!! Maybe this time he’ll visit Houston and not every other town around us lol. Swear I want to manage his tours, be a back up singer, do his artwork, or simply send out emails. LMAO! This man and his music is the real deal. I’ve said it many times and I’ll keep saying it. I own every vinyl he’s put out, even the special numbered ones. That’s my favorite. ‘Blue Album’ sometime 2014.

Video: JMSN-The One

If there is an artist anyone and everyone should love, it’s JMSN. I swear he is the hardest working artist out right now.

“Something tells me that this is right.
Of all the things I could take away from this.
Someone tell me, if this is life.
How could I have ever been so oblivious.

All the time, you’re on my mind.”

The One Explanation
“Crossin a line that don’t exist”

This video is about the boundaries we make. We’re afraid of change. We’re afraid of anything different. Perception of how things should be, becomes our reality.

Someone once told me we see other people for their actions, and ourselves as a projection of who we wanna be. Rather than face things as a whole, we base them around ourselves. Not sayin’ this is right or wrong its just what we do.

Everyone is beautiful. We’re all afraid of things we don’t understand. So we put up a wall; a defense mechanism. We tear down things we don’t understand, as if they’re wrong. Right and wrong is relative. To each their own.

This song is about wanting to find someone or something that could be the answer to all your problems, but questioning it; because deep down inside you know the only one that can solve the problems you have is yourself. When it comes down to it, you make the problems you have. Something is only a problem, if you decide to make it one. So you try to convince yourself that this person will be the answer, when you know deep down no one person is the answer.

You feel this spark. This drug sinks in and tells you “You’re perfect right here.”, but you slowly start to realize; anywhere you are…you’re still with yourself. You can’t get away from your problems, because you make your problems.
Bottom line: Things are only what you make them.

Music: JMSN–The One

It’s no secret my obsession with JMSN is bar none. His new album will be gracing our hands, eyes and ears on November 5th. He will be in Texas two days but only in Austin and Dallas. I’d love to make the trip to Austin, but I can’t… and I’m upset. He’s yet to come to Houston and I’m like his number one stan on FB BUT he responds which is great. Vinyl has been pre-ordered, album has been pre-ordered, I mean…

I’m having an indecisive moment figuring out what t-shirt I want, what hoodie I want, why can’t he just come to Houston? LMAO. Anyway, Christian has released two tracks in the absence of myself and my blog but here you are. I am late, I know but one is NEVER too late to love JMSN.

P.S. Can I just be the girl humming along in a track? I promise I’m not too bad of a singer. Ha!

Something tells me that this is right
Of all the things I could take away from this
Someone tell me, is this life?
How could I have ever been so oblivious?
All the time, you’re on my mind
How could I have ever been so oblivious?

In case you need more… You can never have enough of JMSN


Video: JMSN–Fallin’

As promised Christian (JMSN) delivers his new video. God this is perfection. His videos are nothing but perfection.

JMSN gives an explanation to his most recent song ‘Fallin’:

“All this Darkeness won’t turn light, and all these wrongs wont make it right.”

With so many things that are supposed to give you pleasure surrounding you, how could anyone be so lonely and unfulfilled.

All these things around me that superficially would seem to bring me pleasure, (the food, the women, the sex, etc.), have just made the numbness worse and noticeable through my soul.

These demons are fighting for me and even fighting each other over my soul. Of course these things look enticing, but my soul is not swayed.

My soul will win with innocence.

In the end all of these things will destroy themselves with the chaos they create. They will all fall away from me and fade out of my life. I will be left just how I started, Innocent.

And when you make it through the storm, you have only yourself to judge. If you can accept and carry yourself through the midst of fire. You will be born again. Innocent.

I like his explanation. I completely agree and can relate minus the fame lol.

The Game–Pray Feat. J. Cole & JMSN

JMSN!!!!!!!!!! YES! Plus tomorrow we get the visuals for Fallin’ because of this track. The beat sounds a bit familiar though. J. Cole sounds awesome of course (my boo) and Jayceon sounds pretty damn decent.

Ohhhh Michael (my friend is a genius!) pointed out that it sounds familiar because “Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All” is sampled! Nice catch! Now I can stop wondering.

When I wake up everyday,
I thank the lord that we are safe, amen.
That’s why you should pray for me,
that’s why you should pray.