lykke li

Video: David Lynch & Lykke Li–I’m Waiting Here

I’m going to make one post and one post only today. Why? Because FINALLY I see a video that is exactly what I envisioned for this song. I felt shocked because it was like they read my mind when I had a dream about it last week. Maybe not the same location but I honestly found myself just wanting to drive on a deserted road to this song. Leading me nowhere and just having this song on constant repeat. Lykke Li is one of my favorite artists because the fluidity of her voice and her being makes you feel that anything is possible and that there is never a wrong answer. This track will appear as a bonus track on David Lynch’s album due out on July 16th.

Your deepest hell, never the same as them
Keep me low where the horizon melts…

We made love
Under a dark moon
I’ve burned a lot of bridges
Some castles were made of sand
Only then

Can I alone look at the sky my dear
I am right, every falling star
Make a wish, it will turn away
So we can love on til infinity

I’m waiting here