Video: Andra Day-Burn (Hamilton Mixtape)

So let’s talk about Andra Day. She’s got serious talent, an amazing voice full of pain, rasp and grit. We’ve all seen/heard her on commercials and other soundtracks and she is always compared to Rihanna. Both looks and sound. I get it, I see it, but Andra Day is so much more than a comparison and you learn that in this song alone. This whole mixtape is amazing but this song… this song is my favorite. The lyrics are so good and she’s the perfect person for this song. She made me feel like I was her. I’m not too educated on Hamilton but I am curious to see it if able to. I do know Andra murdered this song and I’m looking forward to a new album from her.


I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza
Reacted when you broke her heart

You have torn it all apart
I am watching it

Watching it burn
The world has no right to my heart
The world has no place in our bed
They don’t get to know what I said
I’m burning the memories
Burning the letters that might have redeemed you
You forfeit all rights to my heart
You forfeit the place in our bed
You sleep in your office instead
With only the memories
Of when you were mine
I hope that you burn