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Video: Rick Ross-Trap Trap Trap Feat. Young Thug & Wale


First, let’s start off with me saying I do not care for Young Thug… one bit. I am honestly surprised he’s come this far. That being said, I do not dislike him here. I actually understand his ass. Ross has always had a distinguishable voice and it’s the reason I listen to him. This song goes hard and one of my favorites from the beginning. I MISS THIS WALE! Where the hell has this one been hiding? I love Wale, he will forever be the underdog and it sucks because he has such talent. His voice is amazing rapping, talking, singing etc. I will always be a Wale fan and I loved how he just let it flow here. Ross’ new album so far (still listening to it) is pretty damn solid. I haven’t skipped a song so that’s a good thing. He freaking called out Birdman!!! Ahhhhhh that shit was so good. Anyway, here’s this song lol.

P.S. I hope when you watch this video you see that Wingstop is the ad on the video! Well played Rick, well played.





Music: JMSN-Drinkin’


It’s no secret I’m pretty much obsessed with Christian and his music. He dropped this single yesterday and has his album up for pre-sale including all sorts of goods. I’ve pre-ordered his vinyl (I own every single one even the a duplicate of Pllajë because he released a special version that is numbered. It’s that serious). Anyway, this album “Whatever Makes U Happy”, will be out April 28th. Below is the tracklist:

-Always Somethin’
-Love Ain’t Enough
-Where Do U Go

Video: Nelly Furtado-Pipe Dreams


Not sure how the hell I missed this one but this song is life. Low key Nelly came out to play and just dropped this out of thin air and delivered. She takes us to church with the organ in a subtle way. She gives me a Jessie Ware laid back feel in this one. Kind of excited for what this album will sound like. ‘The Ride’ is due out March of this year.

Don’t sell me no pipe dreams
I wanna live with you through everything
Don’t sell me no pipe dreams
I wanna live in a kaleidoscope
Don’t sell me no pipe dreams
Wanna be the one to spin the wheel



Music: Alina Baraz-Electric Feat. Khalid


Say it isn’t fucking so! We are graced with Ms. Alina Baraz once again. Yesssss BUT if you haven’t been under a rock and know Khalid, this makes this so much better. Alina had an EP with Galimatias names ‘Urban Flora’ a few moons ago and it’s still in heavy rotation for me. Alina just has that voice and Khalid just put music out and bam. He’s from Texas by the way, hails from El Paso. This song is amazing! Take a listen and fall in love.

Alina will be touring so if you’re interested, check her out on social media.

Music: J. Cole-High for Hours


J. Cole drops a new track titled High for Hours. He discusses politics, on his trip to the White House and talking with Obama, to touching base on abusive cycles. This song was not featured on his album just like the first two songs before ‘4 Your Eyez Only’. Maybe he dropped it because it’s MLK Day. No idea, but this song bangs.

Music: The xx-Brave for You


So The xx dropped their new album ‘I See You’  today and I’ve already listened to it a few times. ‘Brave for You’ is my song at the moment. It’s a classic xx song filled with nostalgia and that beautiful haunting guitar solo(s) I love so much. Madley will forever hold a soft spot in my heart because her voice is amazing, yet so simple. This song, for me, is hauntingly accurate. It’s just one of those songs. The words just make me melt:

In all I know
In all I’ve done
I take you along
Though you’re not here
I can feel you there
I take you along

And when I’m scared
I imagine you’re there
Telling me to be brave

Just… yesssss. If I sit here and reallly nit pick this song, it could be a softer, more laid back version of Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’ song the way she says she’ll do anything for this man:

So I will be brave for you
Stand on a stage for you
Do the things that I’m afraid to do
I know you want me to
I will be brave

I will be brave
Do the things that I’m afraid to do
I know you want me to

Either way, I prefer this one, I’m not the biggest Bruno fan, but his newest album is probably his best ever. Shit is smooooooth.

Anyhow, there’s a new direction on this album with most of the songs being worked into a Jamie xx sound somewhat along the lines of ‘In Colour’ and I am not mad at that at all. I love the addition of heavier drums and more experimental instruments and sounds. They are one of my favorite bands and their music speaks volumes even if they don’t have extreme high notes or boisterous voices. Check out the new album on Spotify or anywhere you can find it.

P.S. ‘Lips’ is the shit.

New Music: Buckamore-Company Feat. Fat Tony


So my boy was working his ass off in 2016 and keeping a low profile and just being low key experiencing life and its many diversities. 2017 is looking promising to Buck, he’s got new music, videos on the way, and just a whole different fusion of sound going on. This one is ‘Company’ featuring another H-Town figure, Fat Tony. After listening to a few edits of this song, this is the final cut and I feel like a proud mother LOL. This is a song that if you’re sober, drunk or high, you can get down with. It has that drunken adult vibe, not that kiddie “let’s black the fuck out to Lil Jon’s music” vibe but an adult “I know where the fuck I’m at” vibe. Kind of like a chill, but so alive feel. I’ve listened to it 3 times already on top of the like 500 others between rough drafts, acapellas and instrumentals. Give it a listen and show him some love on social media. His info is below.








Music: Lais-Moon & Stars 2 Feat. Skizzy Mars

So Lais has been on my radar for a while but as we can see, I’m late to posting shit on here. I’ve just honestly not cared but I do care now LOL. Lais dropped his EP ‘114’ on the 19th after they stole his producer’s laptop and backup drive. Most of ‘114’ was on there and he had to re-record the majority of it. Talk about focus. He hails from Toronto. If you listen to Drake’s OVO Sounds Radio, you may have heard a little tune by the name of ‘For You’ played on there. No shocker there as Drake is one of his influences but Drake digs him too. Check him out and check out his EP ‘114’ named after the address from his home.


Cocaine Rain is the jam as well.

New Music: James Curtis–Good Decisions

James Curtis also known as: Peso James, Weak Ass James or you can call him Stiff Papi. James first came into my life in February of 2015. We first locked eyes at Warehouse Live where I was sippin’ on some Malibu with Pineapple Juice, my ‘I don’t want to get fucked up and enjoy the music go to drink’. He got on stage, took a mic, and started rapping. He introduced himself to us as Weak Ass James and gave us his IG handle of said so name. I listened to his first song and then went and added him. There’s nothing weak about James… at all. The songs he performed had dope beats, the rapping was great and his one feature was lovely. One of the reasons I love attending concerts is to discover new acts, new music, and dope, down to earth people. I’d never heard of him when he jumped on stage and like every person there who may not have known him, I was curious and ready to hear what he had to offer. There were no boos, and the crowd seemed to like what they heard. He didn’t have a massive stage with 500 people on it. It was just him, the spotlight and a mic. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. James had a concert not too long ago in which I purchased tickets but didn’t get to attend. The bottom line is this dude is awesome. His tone is original, clean and his take on his craft is unique. Take a listen to any of his songs on his SoundCloud and if you happen to catch him in concert, go support.

Yesterday, he dropped his new single ‘Good Decisions’ which you can stream above. His album “Till Death Do Us Part” will be released on October 10th. If you like what you hear, follow James on social media.

Instagram @pesoxjames



Video: Jamie xx–Loud Places Feat. Romy

Jamie xx is set to release a new album in June titled “In Colour” and so far a few tracks have been released. ‘Loud Places’ is the newest one featuring fellow band mate and best friend Romy from The xx. Both enjoyed skateboarding growing up and figured the video would be good doing so. Hopefully we get a new xx album soon. Ready for a new one.

Music: Tiara Thomas–How It Is

Can this please be part of her new album? If she drops a new album? Tiara is so underrated and her leaving Wale’s label didn’t help immediately. She’s signed with a division of Interscope and hopefully with this long wait, we get a solid album. In the meantime, this song is amazing, as well as her other acoustic songs and a cover/remake of Justin Bieber’s “All that Matters” into “You Do” (one of my favorite tracks as of late). How It Is, is a solid track.

Album Stream: JMSN-JMSN (Blue Album)

Let’s just continue my JMSN obsession. I’m a bit late on this but rejoice. Tuesday… you’re looking mighty good from afar. This album is so good. Foolin’, Addicted, Addicted II, Need U, Delay… okay the whole album is great.

The world is calling me but I’d rather stay with you tonight.
Never leave your side.
So know this could not feel more right,
so let’s just take our time.

Submission: Garden City Movement–Terracotta


I’ve been slacking on my Submissions and if weren’t for a follow up email I received, this probably would have made its way onto the blog a few months from now, but that second email made me take some time out and listen to this track titled ‘Terracotta’. The name captured my attention as it’s not of the ‘norm’, but then again what is these days? Terracotta is infused with pop, electronica, synths, chopped (I’m from Houston and it’s chopped lol!) and a citar(s)! CITARS! When that made its way into the track I was blown away because to me, it was totally unexpected yet so beautiful. Terracotta is like candy to the ear.

Garden City Movement hail from Israel and it consists of three pop-synth geniuses. Why geniuses? Listen to the track. If their EP ‘Bengali Cinema’ sounds anything like this, I’m ready and looking forward to summer. The EP drops June 23rd and picks up from their EP from last fall titled ‘Entertainment’. They have already opened up for the likes of SOHN and Cults in their native land and are on tour promoting their new material. So if you are in search for some new music, let Johnny, Roi and Yoav guide you on ‘Terracotta’.

Check them out on Facebook:

Sam Smith–Lay Me Down


So I have found my favorite song of 2013. Besides killing it on ‘Latch’ by Disclosure, Disclosure goes and produces this little tune for their featured artist. I’m in love with the words!

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you? You?
And make sure you’re alright?
I’ll take care of you,
and I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight.

In case you want to hear an acoustic version:

and if you want more and want to hear Bath 5alt’s version: