rick ross

Video: Rick Ross-Trap Trap Trap Feat. Young Thug & Wale


First, let’s start off with me saying I do not care for Young Thug… one bit. I am honestly surprised he’s come this far. That being said, I do not dislike him here. I actually understand his ass. Ross has always had a distinguishable voice and it’s the reason I listen to him. This song goes hard and one of my favorites from the beginning. I MISS THIS WALE! Where the hell has this one been hiding? I love Wale, he will forever be the underdog and it sucks because he has such talent. His voice is amazing rapping, talking, singing etc. I will always be a Wale fan and I loved how he just let it flow here. Ross’ new album so far (still listening to it) is pretty damn solid. I haven’t skipped a song so that’s a good thing. He freaking called out Birdman!!! Ahhhhhh that shit was so good. Anyway, here’s this song lol.

P.S. I hope when you watch this video you see that Wingstop is the ad on the video! Well played Rick, well played.





Video TBT: Diddy-Dirty Money-Angels (Remix) Feat. Rick Ross

This is honestly one of the most underrated songs ever. I love every part of this song. Down to the synths, the autotune, the drums the triangle, everything. The lyrics don’t hurt either. Happy Fall, Happy Thursday, Happy Ma’fuckin Libra Season… best sign in the world. If you meet a Libra, love a Libra, keep them. Those who lost them, sucks for you lol.