Music: Kanye West-Bed Yeezy 5 Feat. The-Dream

I’ll leave this here. When I saw the runway and this song, I was excited. I LOVE The-Dream and anything by him, for me, is amazing. So this rework of J. Holiday’s “Bed” is bad ass because The-Dream is in it, this sounds like sleeping music, it has another dimension feel to it (swoon), I feel he may have been inspired by The OA… I can keep going.

Can I get this as a download to literally fall asleep to?

Where’s Kanye’s verse though?

New Music: James Curtis–Good Decisions

James Curtis also known as: Peso James, Weak Ass James or you can call him Stiff Papi. James first came into my life in February of 2015. We first locked eyes at Warehouse Live where I was sippin’ on some Malibu with Pineapple Juice, my ‘I don’t want to get fucked up and enjoy the music go to drink’. He got on stage, took a mic, and started rapping. He introduced himself to us as Weak Ass James and gave us his IG handle of said so name. I listened to his first song and then went and added him. There’s nothing weak about James… at all. The songs he performed had dope beats, the rapping was great and his one feature was lovely. One of the reasons I love attending concerts is to discover new acts, new music, and dope, down to earth people. I’d never heard of him when he jumped on stage and like every person there who may not have known him, I was curious and ready to hear what he had to offer. There were no boos, and the crowd seemed to like what they heard. He didn’t have a massive stage with 500 people on it. It was just him, the spotlight and a mic. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. James had a concert not too long ago in which I purchased tickets but didn’t get to attend. The bottom line is this dude is awesome. His tone is original, clean and his take on his craft is unique. Take a listen to any of his songs on his SoundCloud and if you happen to catch him in concert, go support.

Yesterday, he dropped his new single ‘Good Decisions’ which you can stream above. His album “Till Death Do Us Part” will be released on October 10th. If you like what you hear, follow James on social media.

Instagram @pesoxjames



Music: JMSN–The One

It’s no secret my obsession with JMSN is bar none. His new album will be gracing our hands, eyes and ears on November 5th. He will be in Texas two days but only in Austin and Dallas. I’d love to make the trip to Austin, but I can’t… and I’m upset. He’s yet to come to Houston and I’m like his number one stan on FB BUT he responds which is great. Vinyl has been pre-ordered, album has been pre-ordered, I mean…

I’m having an indecisive moment figuring out what t-shirt I want, what hoodie I want, why can’t he just come to Houston? LMAO. Anyway, Christian has released two tracks in the absence of myself and my blog but here you are. I am late, I know but one is NEVER too late to love JMSN.

P.S. Can I just be the girl humming along in a track? I promise I’m not too bad of a singer. Ha!

Something tells me that this is right
Of all the things I could take away from this
Someone tell me, is this life?
How could I have ever been so oblivious?
All the time, you’re on my mind
How could I have ever been so oblivious?

In case you need more… You can never have enough of JMSN


Music: Eminem–The Monster Feat. Rihanna


Eminem’s camp released a new track earlier today and I dig it. Riri’s awesome little run/effect she does with some of the notes steps her up on my platform. Little tricks here and there make you stand out and she did that here. Eminem? Genius. Can’t wait for this album. I wasn’t too crazy about ‘Berzerk’ but I like every other track after that.

Music: We Are Twin–The Way We Touch


I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m trying to get back up and going. Just been excessively busy. I’ve had so many submissions, I’m overwhelmed yet humbled to know people want me to check things out. I’ll get to it I promise!

We Are Twin is a duo based from LA with an awesome sound. Her voice is amazing. Has a 50-60’s feel to it. The lyrics to this little tune are simple yet so lovely and infectious. Their sound as described by them is “a style that dips into rock ‘n’ roll soul, electronic production, Pop sensibility and even a little classical orchestration.” They go on to say they want it to feel like you’re listening to a symphony and do they deliver. “WE ARE TWIN’s first single “The Way We Touch” builds from a driving beat into an unshakable chorus. Gabi delivers each word with bluesy cadence echoing voices like Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter with infectious passion matched by a warm soundscape bristling with synths, keys, and strings.”

Via their Facebook page: We Are Twin

You’d be the best that I ever hoped for
I love it, I can’t resist the way you are, the way we touch.

Music: Janine and The Mixtape–Dark Mind


Janine delivered a new stand out track from her forthcoming EP that will grace us June 11th. This song is beautiful. I’m still a huge fan of Hold Me but this one is just so damn perfect. Janine has caught the ears of Epic and OVO Sound. All in her rightful will. I hope she gets signed soon and puts out more amazing work.

You think because I have a smile on my face, I don’t know pain…

Told you I’d survive
made it out alive…