Submission: Garden City Movement–Terracotta


I’ve been slacking on my Submissions and if weren’t for a follow up email I received, this probably would have made its way onto the blog a few months from now, but that second email made me take some time out and listen to this track titled ‘Terracotta’. The name captured my attention as it’s not of the ‘norm’, but then again what is these days? Terracotta is infused with pop, electronica, synths, chopped (I’m from Houston and it’s chopped lol!) and a citar(s)! CITARS! When that made its way into the track I was blown away because to me, it was totally unexpected yet so beautiful. Terracotta is like candy to the ear.

Garden City Movement hail from Israel and it consists of three pop-synth geniuses. Why geniuses? Listen to the track. If their EP ‘Bengali Cinema’ sounds anything like this, I’m ready and looking forward to summer. The EP drops June 23rd and picks up from their EP from last fall titled ‘Entertainment’. They have already opened up for the likes of SOHN and Cults in their native land and are on tour promoting their new material. So if you are in search for some new music, let Johnny, Roi and Yoav guide you on ‘Terracotta’.

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