#TBT Video: Russ-Losin Control


This song will always be amazing and so will this video. I’m still in love with this man’s voice and his creativity. If you’ve never heard Russ’ music, check him out. He has something for everyone but this is  my absolute favorite song.


She’s fallin’ in love now, losin’ control now
Fightin’ the truth, tryin’ to hide
But I think it’s alright, girl



Video TBT: Diddy-Dirty Money-Angels (Remix) Feat. Rick Ross

This is honestly one of the most underrated songs ever. I love every part of this song. Down to the synths, the autotune, the drums the triangle, everything. The lyrics don’t hurt either. Happy Fall, Happy Thursday, Happy Ma’fuckin Libra Season… best sign in the world. If you meet a Libra, love a Libra, keep them. Those who lost them, sucks for you lol.