Music: Alina Baraz-Electric Feat. Khalid


Say it isn’t fucking so! We are graced with Ms. Alina Baraz once again. Yesssss BUT if you haven’t been under a rock and know Khalid, this makes this so much better. Alina had an EP with Galimatias names ‘Urban Flora’ a few moons ago and it’s still in heavy rotation for me. Alina just has that voice and Khalid just put music out and bam. He’s from Texas by the way, hails from El Paso. This song is amazing! Take a listen and fall in love.

Alina will be touring so if you’re interested, check her out on social media.

New Music: James Curtis–Good Decisions

James Curtis also known as: Peso James, Weak Ass James or you can call him Stiff Papi. James first came into my life in February of 2015. We first locked eyes at Warehouse Live where I was sippin’ on some Malibu with Pineapple Juice, my ‘I don’t want to get fucked up and enjoy the music go to drink’. He got on stage, took a mic, and started rapping. He introduced himself to us as Weak Ass James and gave us his IG handle of said so name. I listened to his first song and then went and added him. There’s nothing weak about James… at all. The songs he performed had dope beats, the rapping was great and his one feature was lovely. One of the reasons I love attending concerts is to discover new acts, new music, and dope, down to earth people. I’d never heard of him when he jumped on stage and like every person there who may not have known him, I was curious and ready to hear what he had to offer. There were no boos, and the crowd seemed to like what they heard. He didn’t have a massive stage with 500 people on it. It was just him, the spotlight and a mic. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. James had a concert not too long ago in which I purchased tickets but didn’t get to attend. The bottom line is this dude is awesome. His tone is original, clean and his take on his craft is unique. Take a listen to any of his songs on his SoundCloud and if you happen to catch him in concert, go support.

Yesterday, he dropped his new single ‘Good Decisions’ which you can stream above. His album “Till Death Do Us Part” will be released on October 10th. If you like what you hear, follow James on social media.

Instagram @pesoxjames



Video: Slim Thug–1night Feat. Kirko Bangz

Michael Artis on the production (he’s flawless, I’ve come to the conclusion, he can’t be touched and by the way what happened to Rosemary? LOL). One of my the many flawless tracks on Slim Thug’s newest album gets the video treatment. Kirko Bangz on the chorus. H-Tooowwnnnnnn.

Shout out to Slim’s dining table with gold skulls at each setting (great minds think alike).

Yeezus Tour Review

This past Saturday, I got the chance to check out the Yeezus Tour with Kendrick Lamar as the opening act. It was amazing. Besides it being cold as shit outside, standing in 3 different lines because there was no guidance, it was worth every penny. Kendrick Lamar is officially off my concert bucket list and man, oh man does he put on a hell of a show. He performed for about an hour and had the venue screaming, yelling, singing, rapping, you name it. Flew through numerous tracks, had us bring our phones out and talked to the fans for a bit. Kendrick has this aura, this warmth about him that makes you just fall in love with the guy. Definitely one of the best performances I’ve seen. Kendrick finished his set, lights came back on and the stage was set for Kanye West. Back after 5 years from his time in The Woodlands Cynthia Mitchell Pavilion for the Glow in The Dark Tour. At this point, I don’t know if I’m super excited since this would be the 4th time I’d be seeing him or just wondering what this show will be about. The famous mountain makes its appearance “hmmm interesting”. Then people setting the stage go up the mountain sweeping it. I was intrigued. You can walk up the mountain, stand at the top of the mountain, awesome! Subtle music plays and a beautiful haunting female voice sings over the speakers. I tried so hard to figure out who it was but made no connection. The lights go out. Screaming fans everywhere stand to their feet and out come women in cloaks with pantyhose like face masks. This is Yeezus.


He appeared and the crowd went wild. He ran through songs and wardrobe changes that included different Maison Martin Margiela face masks as well as other pieces. The creativity this man possesses is by far untouchable. He sang, he danced, he jumped, he laughed, he smiled. The front of the stage went up into a peak and from atop, he sang “Coldest Winter” which he wrote for his late mother. As he laid there, foot dangling and arm stretched out looking up at the ceiling, “snow” starts falling as he sings and for those almost 4 minutes, everyone was sucked in. The peak comes down and we go through an array of songs and different words projected throughout the show as stages, perhaps in his life or stages we all go through as humans. As he disappears for a wardrobe change, the cloaked women make an appearance and it’s straight up church time. Set in a Catholic setting, the women are carrying religious artifacts and one holding the Virgin Mary. Kanye makes his way to the front as the women disappear and his MPC is center stage. ‘Runaway’ is on the horizon. As the past 3 shows I’ve attended, it is expected for a rant of some sort with this song. Sure enough an almost 16 minute talk with Kanye goes from Walt Disney to Kim to Steve Jobs. Did anyone record that whole speech? I did. Ha! The thing is, he’s a genius. No, he does not want to be Steve Jobs nor Walt Disney, he just wants to build, create, design, envision things people don’t have the ambition to do. Nothing wrong with that but I wonder why always this song? The concert continues, the songs are played and Yeezus meets Jesus. That honestly made me feel some sort of way like “holy shit” no pun intended. Bound was his last song and he handed the mic to a girl who sang for a split second as the cloaked women are facing the mountain. Kanye gets on his knees following suit and Jesus appears at the top of the mountain. Lights out, Kanye leaves, concert is over. Everyone makes their way to the restroom, to the cold night or like me and the crew, to the merch line. Standing in line having a harder time focusing on conversations because my hearing is so skewed, I processed what happened and although some parts weren’t pure gold, the way he wanted us to experience this concert, made total sense and it connected with what his vision was. Was it the best concert ever? For me personally, no. Watch The Throne is and will be by far the best concert I have ever attended. Until Watch The Throne 2 makes way, Yeezus is number 2. Enjoy my camera phone photos. I’m actually damn happy with them. I didn’t take my camera as it said no cameras and relied on my phone.

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I can’t express how happy I am about this. Whataburger has made me the happiest person alive. They are partnering up with H-E-B and are distributing their ketchup, spicy ketchup and mustard only with them. YES! Bring it! I’m ready.

You can read all about it http://www.chron.com/business/article/Whataburger-ketchup-and-mustard-to-be-sold-at-4456178.php

Music: Beyoncé–I Been On (Remix) Feat. Scarface, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil Keke, Willie D & Bun B


Beyoncé and friends released the remix yesterday to I Been On. Some made it, some didn’t. One in particular, Kirko Bangz, didn’t make it and said ““That’s weak cause I don’t feel that, that’s disrespectful.” I like Kirko but really? Everyone knows that when you are considered to be on a track, some or all don’t make it. There were other artists that could have been on it as well but this was the line up. Also, just in my personal opinion, Bun B, Willie D, Z-Ro, Scarface, Lil Keke and Slim Thug are way more established than Kirko. Why wouldn’t she go with this line up? I’m sure the remix to the remix will be released in the future or not after that comment. Just saying, be happy you were thought of. The end.

Hol’ up. Texas trill, H-Town goin’ down… mannnn

Gotta rep for my city.

The xx. House of Blues, Houston Texas


I can sit here and say how exquisite this show was and how fucking awesome they are and sound but, we all know that. Point is, they sound exactly the same and I think I’m in love with Oliver. They went on at 10:21p.m. and ended somewhere around 11:30. Jamie xx is a fucking bad ass. The end.

I took some videos and pictures. Enjoy. The longest video is “Swept Away/Shelter” I think my heart stopped when Shelter started as well as Islands just because those are two of my favorite songs as well as “Friction”. Again, enjoy.

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Swept Away/Shelter:



Intro/Tides (Thanks Chris for letting me borrow your phone cause mine said fuck you):

I am none of the girls shouting or yelling. Maybe in some but it’s not super high pitched nor low pitched lmao!

And sorry for the crappy pics. I miss my Galaxy S just for that reason but cameras were allowed apparently and I didn’t get the memo. Womp, womppp.