Music: Kanye West-Bed Yeezy 5 Feat. The-Dream

I’ll leave this here. When I saw the runway and this song, I was excited. I LOVE The-Dream and anything by him, for me, is amazing. So this rework of J. Holiday’s “Bed” is bad ass because The-Dream is in it, this sounds like sleeping music, it has another dimension feel to it (swoon), I feel he may have been inspired by The OA… I can keep going.

Can I get this as a download to literally fall asleep to?

Where’s Kanye’s verse though?

Video: The-Dream (Terius Nash)–Wake Me When It’s Over

This is one of my favorite tracks off 1977. Why do girls have to be so DAMN scandalous? It ends fucked up but still. There is no reason to get all fucking crazy. I refuse to be that girl ever. Good thing she didn’t key the car. I was sooooo waiting for it. It’s so typical lol. Anyway, enjoy because The-Dream does a damn good job at expressing himself. Makes me feel sorry for him. I hate when guys end up with bitches who make them look stupid in front of family and friends. So disrespectful. Some girls don’t know how good they have it with some guys and some guys don’t know how stupid they are for staying with them and vice versa. I’m a stop.

It’s so easy to throw you under that bus that you ridin’ on
It’s so easy to take you off that cloud that you call home
It’s so easy to expose those who you love the most
But it’s so hard to disregard and keep your mouth closed
I’ll take the bullets, you can pull it