trinidad james

Video: Trinidad Jame$–Female$ Welcomed

When Trinidad hit the scene with All Gold Everything I knew the song was catchy but I was iffy. I shared with my friend Michael and we both thought “this dude is so everywhere” and “this cannot be real” to the conclusion of “this dude is going to blow the fuck up” months after that conversation, that happened and his music house is keeping him relevant with this new track and holy fuck at the change up at 2:20. That change up is sick as fuck just because that is the jam. You cannot hate on the man for throwing in some Kito. I wish he would have done some more with it but it works well with the video. Want more of the song?

Video: Trinidad James–Popped a Molly I’m Sweating For 6 minutes

So this happened. I’ve been listening to his stuff just to see wtf and this guy is just something else. I didn’t even want to post him because he was a damn joke to me but now I catch myself singing “Popped a molly I’m sweatin” WHY?!! WHY ME!?

What’s even more sad? I have the cd. Downloaded but still. SMH. The video is of shit quality but I can’t find the original.