Video: Adele–Hello

My spirit animal is back. Yes, I know I’m late in posting this but nonetheless here we are. Just when you thought you were at one with your emotions, she comes in full force. Welcome back Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, glad to see you working again. 25 will be one of her best, I can feel it in my bones. Can we talk about her makeup in this video? Jesus bless the child who bestowed upon us that perfectly contoured face. Especially at 3:33 (inserts yaaasssssss hands). So excited for this album.

The memes with Lionel Richie are epic with this song. Hello is a wonderful tune for those who were once assholes to past exes or said fuck you, you and double fuck you BUT since I’ve never broken any hearts, to me it’s more of a friendship song because I have in fact broken up with friends and zero fucks were given at the time. As we mature, we reflect and think back to those we’ve hurt, hurt us etc. etc. I usually fall off the face of the planet and maybe resurface to say I’m sorry but if it was your fault and I left, best believe I am not saying sorry. I have pride. LOL.

Video: Sam Smith–Leave Your Lover

Sam Smith (my favorite person in the wholeeeeeeeee wide world) drops the video for ‘Leave Your Lover’ and ends it with a twist. Sam can do no wrong in my eyes and to those freaking pesky youtube comment people, does it matter if he’s gay or, bi-sexual or straight? He’s a living angel! I’m slightly obsessed with him and I am counting down the days for ACL so I can go sing my heart out and possibly leave with raccoon eyes for crying. It’s a strong possibility that will happen. I love you Sammmmmmmmm lol.

Video: Sam Smith-Make It To Me (Stripped)

This man is fucking perfection. He does nothing and I mean NOTHING wrong. I’ve been listening to him for quite some time now and I am so happy he is where he is and deserves. I can’t even think of how many times I sing his music on the way to work and on the way back home. I just… love him. I can’t tell which Lawrence brother is on the piano from Disclosure. I’m going to say Guy.

My mind runs away to you
With a thought I hope you’ll see
Can’t see where it’s wandered to
But I know where it wants to be

Video: Thumpers–Dancing’s Gone

So Thumpers is a band from the UK, London to be exact. It’s modern, folksy, wavy and ‘glitchy’ as I read somewhere. I dig it and their other work is superb as well.

Sound of Screams is another hit, in my personal opinion but you be the judge of that.

Not enough? Here’s ‘Thumpers’

Their name is awesome. Reminds me of Little Thumper from Bambi. Yes, I went there. Check them out. I can hear their music on hip shows such as GIRLS lol. WATCH GIRLS. Lmao! I should get paid for promoting.